“Getting a doula is the best money I have ever spent. I would recommend Jessica over and over again.”

Kelly P.


Feel safe, confident, supported and in your power as you bring your baby into the world. Having doula support has many benefits such as: fewer interventions, shorter birthing times and more positive and satisfied birth experiences + outcomes. I am passionate about supporting families through the pregnancy year and appreciate both home + hospital birth settings. I enjoy integrating healing services + spiritual teachings into my work for those who are open to it. I believe there are several births taking place: the birth of a baby, the birth of a family and the birth of each parent. It is important that everyone feels supported through this transition.

Birth is a sacred and transformative experience, and will be remembered for a lifetime. If you ask anyone who’s given birth, even if it were decades ago, they will be able to tell you how they felt, and how well they were supported. It is paramount that you feel empowered and supported throughout your entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

As your doula, I not only support you, but educate you with up to date, evidence-based information, and provide you with the tools necessary to make informed choices with confidence. No matter what type of birth you have, my wish is that you look back on it fondly and feel proud of your story. In a world where there’s a lot of fear-based birth culture and conversation, I remind you of your innate power, and to trust your body and baby through this process.

During the prenatal visits, we review all options available, and I assist in creating a birth vision (if desired) based on your informed wishes. During the birthing time, my mission is to ensure you feel safe, and as calm and comfortable as possible. I provide uninterrupted educational, emotional and physical support. I love creating a serene environment in the birthing space, free of distractions and judgement. I enjoy working with partners, care providers and other support people collaboratively. It is a distinct honour to hold space for birthers and their loved ones through this incredible season of their lives.

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Education + Training:

Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula Training (2019)

Birth Doula Certification Course DONA International (2012)

I am trained in massage therapy (Blanche Macdonald, 2009) which is a wonderful accompaniment to the comfort measures I provide during labour. I have also completed the Hypnobabies® childbirth and hypnobirthing course. I am First Aid CPR-C certified (infant and children).

My doula package includes:

  • a complimentary consultation
  • 2 prenatal visits (1-2 hours each)
  • phone, text and email support
  • assistance and support with breast/chestfeeding as needed for up to two hours after baby is born, and during postpartum visits
  • 1-2 postpartum visits (more postpartum visits can be added at an hourly rate)
  • use of birth pool + basic home birth supplies
  • access to my TENS unit, birth ball and other supplies including but not limited to: essential oils, labour-ease spray, music playlists, energy cleansing (sage and palo santo), candles and crystals
  • curated list of resources based on your needs and wishes (classes, books, postpartum healing and support, parent and baby groups, checklists for hospital bag or home birth, meditations, affirmations, printables for recording baby’s feeding schedule and wet/dirty diapers in the early days, as well as my own personal ‘best of baby’ recommendations)
  • notes with details that occurred during the birthing time as a keepsake


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Available add-ons to my doula package:

  • placenta encapsulation + $250.00

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Please contact me if you have any questions, or would like to set up a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit!

I serve families in South Delta, Richmond and Vancouver.

To save your spot in my calendar, I require 50% of the investment upon booking, and the remainder is due on or before 37 weeks. Payment plans are available. Discounted rates apply for my previous doula families. Space is limited and fills quickly, please inquire as soon as possible in your pregnancy.

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“Deep within every woman is the ability to birth. When she has confidence in her own abilities, the encouragement and freedom to tap into her innate wisdom, and has the loving support of family, friends and professionals who believe this too, she will truly have a satisfying birth experience.”

Gerri Ryan

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“I am not sure I can adequately put into words the depth of appreciation I have for this amazing woman. Not only was she the most incredible emotional and physical support to me throughout my pregnancy and birth as my doula, but also as the most beautiful mentor during this huge time of transition in my life. She instinctively knew exactly what I needed in every moment throughout Saige’s birth–documenting the small moments, ensuring I stayed hydrated, putting on my favourite music, meditating with me, lighting candles, performing acupressure and holding space while I rode the waves of each contraction. Thank you, Jess for helping make my home birth dreams a reality. So much love for you and the work that you do.” -Jacyln K | Tsawwassen, BC

As a first time dad and not many babies in my family I didn’t know what to expect during child birth (let alone know what a doula was!). After having our first child we both agree we will ask Jess to be our doula again if we are lucky enough to have more kids. Jess is wonderful and caring and throughout the whole process she helped us feel relaxed knowing we could ask her our questions at any time. She has a beautiful aura about her too, that immediately put us at ease. Jess was my first call after my wife went into labour. She came to the house hours before we called the midwife or went to the hospital, and I’m certain that if we hadn’t had her with us I would have just rushed my wife to the hospital (not the ideal thing to do, fellas!). For 24 hours she was our cheerleader, motivator, and emotional support. She set the mood for the room which helped us all stay mellow and chill throughout labour, which was especially important since we had chosen a hospital birth. And her support was constant. The nurses came and went but Jess stayed with us the entire time, which we loved. A doula is there for both parents but really, I feel like she was there to support the husband. With her suggestions throughout and tagging off during contractions, she helped me be present, useful (I think!) and involved during labour.  Without Jess I would have been a bit lost but she supplied the knowledge and support to make a first time dad useful and not in the way. After the birth, Jess came by the house a couple of times to make sure we were doing well and adjusting. Even little things, like bringing smoothie packs and cookies were such a sweet touch and totally welcomed by two sleep deprived new parents. I can’t recommend Jess enough. If you are going to hire a doula (and you really should!) she’s the one you want. Thank you Jess, you’re forever a fantastic part of Oscar’s story.” -Jeff Kuzik | Richmond, BC

“Jessica is an angel on earth! I had such a wonderful hypnobirthing experience and I can say hands down that it was because of her. She literally messaged my back and poured water over me in the tub for 20 hours straight and made sure I stayed hydrated, fed, focused, calm and as comfortable as possible. She was there through it all with me even when the conventional health care system and my midwife were not. She was also there for me before and after my daughter’s birth to answer all my first time mom questions and being a recent new mom herself it felt like talking to a trusted friend. Getting a doula is the best money I have ever spent. I would recommend Jessica over and over again. I am so grateful I get to talk about my birthing experience as an extremely positive event. Thanks to Jessica, hypnobirthing and a lot of homeopathic’s my daughter’s first moments on this earth were calm and magical!” -Kelly P | Delta, BC

“I really don’t think there are words that can describe my gratitude and appreciation for this amazing woman. For her support, guidance, love and kindness during these last 11 months of my life. I knew I wanted to have a birth doula but it was truly fate that allowed me to find Jessica. From day one, she instinctively knew how to be the most amazing support for both Lee and I. From texts and calls when I needed emotional support, to home visits for acupressure and chats over tea to prepare me for childbirth… Jessica always seemed to know EXACTLY what I needed to make the whole process a bit easier. Her intuition is on a whole other level! She was by my side throughout my entire labour and delivery, guiding me through the wave of each contraction and constantly reminding me that I was strong enough to get through each one (laboured at home to 9cm!). Her support continued through my postpartum recovery. From bringing me Starbucks and peanut butter toast in the hospital, to visiting us at home to talk through all my first-time mom worries and concerns… Jess, you truly are amazing and I’m forever grateful for you and all that you did to help bring Jayden into this world! -Christina T | North Delta, BC

“My husband and I knew instantly after meeting Jess that she was the doula we wanted for our first birth. Her knowledge and resources were on point and her demeanor was exactly what we wanted throughout the process. She was warm and kind, listened to our needs and provided input all while never being obtrusive. She was readily available and very supportive. We can’t thank her enough for everything she did. We would highly recommend her service.” -Tara T | Vancouver, BC.

“Once I met Jessica, I automatically knew we had a great connection…she is not only a beautiful human on the outside, her spirit exerts positivity on the inside and that’s what drew me in. Through our journey Jessica provided continuous emotional and physical support. She gave us valid and thought provoking information, helping us find resources to research the birth choices in front of us. Jessica made us feel comfortable and she was accommodating in every way. Her knowledge and natural way of being made us relax and trust the process. Jessica opened her heart to us with passion, excitement and acceptance and we could not have asked for a better partner in crime. Thank you Jessica for your commitment, love and tuning-in to what was most needed in the birth of our son. Best A/M/N” -Marta L | 

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