Wish you had someone looking out for you at every moment? You do, your angels! Before birth, your angels were assigned to you to help you navigate this lifetime. They are constantly with you, guiding and loving you. Because our angels are most often in the spirit realm, it can be hard to decipher their messages in the busyness of life. In an Angel Tarot Card Reading, the angels are channeled through the cards to provide detailed, divine guidance. A reading is recommended before you make a big life change, need clarity, validation, tools on coping with stress, anxiety, and so much more. I will also receive messages intuitively to pass along to you to add to the reading. Please note these cards have no “death card” and the angels will never tell you anything you aren’t prepared to hear. No need to be leery, we are here to help and make it a positive, memorable and loving experience.


$30.00 per guest

Host a unique and unforgettable party with your friends receiving heavenly guidance and learning about your angels. Each reading is twenty five minutes long, so your guests will get a taste of what an Angel Tarot Card Reading is all about. This is great for those that may be apprehensive to have a full reading, or those who may not otherwise do it. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get together, or addition to any party. Three guests minimum, four maximum. Includes an energy cleanse of the room we are using (optional).



$50.00 +

Does your home or office feel like it could use an energetic cleanse? Over time, energy builds up and stays stagnant in our homes, offices and well, everywhere! Even the happiest homes and spaces collect negative vibrations over time. Smudging or sageing is an ancient spiritual tradition where dried sage is burned ceremoniously. It is said that the smoke from burning the sage cleanses the energy. The smoke will usher out any negative and lower energies that no longer serve the highest good for you and whoever you are sharing the space with. Some people feel they need a cleansing because they or their family members have felt uncomfortable with the energy in the space. Many of us don’t notice the energy that has built up until after a cleansing. Most people notice a huge change in the ‘air’ and overall feeling once a cleansing has taken place. It is recommended to have a cleansing before or just after moving to a new home, after a big life or career change, dispute or illness. If you can’t remember the last time you cleansed, or the energy in your space feels ‘heavy’, it’s time. Please contact me with the size of your space and the reason for cleansing in the Contact form.