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In these sessions, I tune into your energy and receive clear, detailed messages for you from your soul’s blueprint, your highest Self, your guides, your angels + passed over loved ones. During your session, we will explore your life + soul purpose, answer questions, and find out what past lives are connected to this lifetime (if desired), and more. An Intuitive Session is recommended before you make a big life change, need clarity, validation, want to learn tools on coping with stress, anxiety, and so much more. These readings are intended to help you, and are generally a profoundly validating, healing + positive experience. I am a natural-born psychic and work as a clairvoyant, and also have clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient + clairempathy abilities. In addition to using my abilities, I enjoy working with tarot cards, oracle cards + a pendulum as Divination tools to provide messages. You are welcome to ask questions throughout your reading, or simply see what comes up! Please Contact Me to set up your Intuitive Session, or if you have any questions. These sessions can be done in person or over Zoom, FaceTime, or by phone.

*Intuitive Sessions are by waitlist only and space is very limited. To add your name to the waitlist, please get in touch and I will add your name and let you know when space becomes available.

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Calling all passionate human beings with an interest in the metaphysical.

Do you feel you’re destined for greatness but aren’t quite sure how to get there?

Like you aren’t living up to your soul’s potential?

Feeling blocked, stuck, drained, confused, uninspired or exhausted?

I am incredibly excited to offer the Alignment Mastermind Mentorship Program where we work together to get clear on what your life purpose is, and set out a plan on how to come into alignment with who you came here to be. I serve as a guide and mentor, teaching you basic spiritual principles and practices so you can implement them into your daily life. These teachings will be tailored to you based on your goals and will speed up your manifestation + healing process. This program is 3-6 months long with monthly Intuitive Sessions, weekly group coaching calls, ongoing text/email support, a Facebook group for those in the program, and lessons specifically customized to suit your life + dreams. Stop playing small and step into your highest potential—living a life of alignment!

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Image from our 2019 in person Mastermind meet-up.


An add-on to the Alignment Mentorship Program customized to your individual needs.  

Enrolment is open for February 2020. For more information, add your name to the waitlist here.

Please book a consultation call if you’re interested in learning more about my program and what working together would look like for you!



“Jess is one of those types of human beings that you feel so fortunate to have even come into contact with.

I have known Jess for a few years and recently reconnected with her when I saw her post about the Alignment program she was offering.

I just couldn’t believe that with the words she posted, it seemed as though she was speaking directly to my soul and she knew exactly what I was struggling with. Over the course of 3 months that we were working together on my Alignment, I had more mental clarity and learnt to re-program my subconscious mind in a way I didn’t even know was possible. I now have the knowledge and skill to keep myself on track and that feels INCREDIBLE.

I would highly recommend Jessica Screeton to anyone who wants to discover and implement strategies to get closer to Alignment with who they truly are meant to be. She is amazing — gentle, welcoming, brave and intuitive. <3″ -Kristen T | Kelowna, BC

“If ever there is.. or was a doubt I assure you that Jessica is the real deal. From the Moment I met Jessica I knew she held a great Gift. I knew she was a Beacon of Light, with a message from the Divine. It was only a matter of timing before I called upon her presence to receive the messages she held for me… and in Divine timing it was So. I highly recommend Jessica to those who seek guidance for deeper understanding and clarity, for those who want to continue climbing the infinite Mountain of your Souls Destiny. Jessica is truly a Gift to ALL and a Blessing to know.”  -Sat Mukh Sara, Healer, Yogini & Herbalist | Delta, BC

“I highly recommend Jessica as she puts beautiful, intuitive energy into her work. I had a psychic reading with her and she did an amazing job at picking up the details that needed to be addressed. She pleasantly surprised me with her ability to pick up on something that has been a mystery for many years. Thanks, Jessica!” -Kerissa | Chilliwack, BC

“I randomly found Jessica through Instagram. Or maybe it wasn’t random and was fate, because I stumbled upon her when I was questioning some signs I was getting. She validated that it was indeed my intuition telling me someone was near. A few weeks later I had noticed orbs in several of my pictures… I turned to her for answers once again. She didn’t hesitate at all to read my pictures and immediately she felt the energy they brought. Her words sent chills through my body and a sense of comfort I can’t explain. Jessica has a true gift and one that needs to be shared. Her kindness is contagious and her energy is powerful!” -Stevie | Mexico 

“I met Jess through a friend almost 2 years ago. She did a reading for me at Park Avenue and it was a life changing moment, to say the least. That was my first and last time seeing Jess as I was moving away that weekend. In my new town, I sought out many other card readers, only to leave each appointment confused and disappointed. At that point, I had to contact Jess and see if she would do a reading for me over the phone, a request I wasn’t sure she would be able to accommodate. I was beyond grateful to find that Jess was more than happy to do it! When I hung up the phone after our first long distance reading, I was amazed to feel the same overwhelming feeling of warmth that I had experienced when I was sitting across the table from her. Readings over the phone with Jess are not only incredible and fulfilling, but they are also way better than I’ve had with any other reader in person! Jess has an undeniable charisma that lights up a room that even has the ability to shine through a phone line. I always leave our conversations feeling inspired and ready for anything. I now consistently talk with Jess and each time it gets better and better. She is always engaged in our conversations and is dead on accurate (even if you aren’t aware at the time). Jess brings more than what her cards have to say; she is remarkably insightful. Often times, I take more away from what she has to say as opposed to what the cards are saying. I’m always anticipating and excited for our next reading together. It’s a time where I can brew a pot of tea, light some candles and curl up in my pjs and become immensely inspired. I have the utmost gratitude towards this girl; she’s transformed my life for the better and opened my heart and mind to the many possibilities that the world has to offer.” -Jess M | Kamloops, BC

“My first reading with Jess was at home. It was a gift from my sister and I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know anything about readings and I had never met Jess. 
As soon as she walked in the door, I felt at ease and safe in her hands. Her calming energy along with her positivity, warmth, sense of humour and extensive knowledge as a light worker allowed me to feel comfortable to ask any and all of my questions; and consequently, my reading was thorough, insightful and accurate. The added bonus of having a reading with Jess is that she intuitively receives and passes along messages throughout the readings.
Since then I’ve been back to her twice and elements of all three of my readings continue to manifest even today. Regardless of what cards come up in the reading or what messages come through, I leave a reading with Jess, feeling inspired with a renewed perspective for the future.” 
-Nicola E | Vancouver, BC

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