5 newborn must-haves

River is almost three months old already! I thought I’d share our favourite newborn baby items we’ve used day in and day out since he’s been born. If you’re a baby gear nerd like I am, read on.


1. DockATot

Without a doubt, the number one MVP of all baby gear: The DockATot. Since bringing Riv home, he’s slept at least one 3-4 hour stretch at night in this thing. Now he’ll go up to 7 hours! It’s expensive, but worth it’s weight in gold, IMO.


2. Owlet

I love this thing! It’s a special sock that has a piece of hospital grade technology in it that monitors baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. If the levels are out of the normal range, an alarm will sound. If the sock slips off or there’s a problem getting a reading, a song will play to notify you. There is a dock that is connected to the sock via wifi, as well as an app on your phone. One night River had low oxygen and the alarm went off (and scared the shit out of us). Phill and I were both fast asleep at the time so we wouldn’t have known otherwise. We sleep so much better when he wears it! I don’t spend all night obsessively checking to see if he’s still breathing. It will also give us peace of mind when he starts sleeping in his own room.


3. Love To Dream sleep sac

River, like most babies, only wanted to sleep with his hands up near his face. After the first few weeks, he would bust out of the muslin swaddles, so we needed to try something different. This sleep sac allows his hands to be up near his face while keeping the startle reflex to a minimum. He definitely has better, longer stretches of sleep when he wears it. There are other brands out there, but the ones we have are Love To Dream.


4. Muslin Swaddle Blankets

In the first 3 weeks of River’s life, I would double swaddle him in these. They are also the perfect blanket, car seat cover, change pad, nursing cover or burp cloth. You can never have too many of these!


5. Muslin Quilt

One of my favourite blankets ever! This quilt is made of 8 layers of bamboo muslin. It’s super breathable so I know River won’t overheat in it. Occasionally, I swaddle him in this too. As he gets older, it will make a perfect stroller blanket or play mat. It’s so soft and cozy, I want one in my size, lol. This one is made by a local, Vancouver company called Lou Lou Lollipop.


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