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For those new to the game of parenting, the overwhelming amount of baby gear on the market can be super intimidating. Where do you start? What do you need? What is worth spending money on, and what is better to get second hand? Do we really need a wipe warmer? A bassinet? What the hell is a Nosefrida? You get the idea. I am a bit of a research nerd when it comes to anything baby-related, and I feel really content with everything we’ve chosen based on what we’ve learned so far. I had a few requests to do a post like this with a round-up of the gear we will be using, and the reasons why we chose what we did. Once baby is born, I will update this list with any additional pros and cons that come to mind as we actually put each product to use. Combining my research with recommendations from veteran parents has been super helpful. Please leave any comments or additional reco’s down below!

Please note that these are the bigger, main items. I may do a post on smaller items at a later date. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, let me know!



Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

mountain buggy


  • has been my favourite stroller brand since seeing and using my aunts almost a decade ago
  • smooth, easy handling
  • brown leather features
  • great shock absorbency and off-roading friendly
  • can be on the trails one minute, and in the city the next
  • not too wide, fits through doors easily
  • clean esthetic
  • excellent quality, made in New Zealand
  • compatible with our carseat



Peg Perego Primo Viaggio


  • highest safety rating
  • longer lifetime, 7 years as opposed to the standard 5 for car seats
  • clean lines, nice esthetic (I wanted plain black, with no patterns/colors)
  • sturdy
  • compatible with our stroller



  • a bit pricier than other brands
  • slightly heavier than some other brands



Dock A Tot



  • excellent reviews
  • simulates the feeling of being in the womb for baby
  • promotes longer/better naps
  • bassinet alternative
  • great for co-sleeping
  • portable and easy to bring wherever so they have the comfort & familiarity of their own bed if they stay elsewhere/we’re on the go
  • second hand



  • high price point (if purchased new)



Ikea Sundvik Crib

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  • great price point, we bought this new and didn’t want to spend a ton. I was interested in buying this second hand, but my research suggested it is recommended purchasing new to ensure it is properly assembled to reduce risk of SIDS, and potential injury.
  • registered model # for any recalls
  • clean lines, simple esthetic



Nook Pebble Pure Crib Mattress

nook mattress


  • organic mattress with a coconut fibre filling
  • non-toxic, hypoallergenic
  • comes with a super soft, water-resistant mattress cover with raised pebble-like features for breathability
  • lots of reviewers said their baby slept better/longer on this mattress
  • two sided for infants & toddlers



  • high price point



Solly Baby Wrap

solly wrap


  • super soft
  • beautiful, neutral colours and designs to choose from
  • created by a mom who needed a good wrap for her baby and dreamt up the design and named it after her baby, Solomon. I love that!
  • amazing reviews
  • ideal for newborn-9 months, or up to 25 lbs





  • great reviews
  • I’ve enjoyed wearing babies in the Ergo carriers in the past
  • can be used with an infant insert, or without as baby gets bigger
  • second hand






  • second hand
  • haven’t done a ton of research on it, but my friend who gave it to me had rave reviews!
  • automatic pump
  • easy to use
  • easy to clean



Westcoast Baby


  • similar silhouette to the Boppy but bigger and more ‘pillowy’
  • neutral, bamboo pillow covers to choose from
  • good reviews
  • good price point


Jolly Jumper Boomerang Nursing Cushion


  • ergonomically designed for multiple purposes
  • great for breast feeding or bottle feeding
  • a less snug fit around the waist than the Boppy/Westcoast Baby
  • second hand


I’ve heard the more rounded style is ideal when the baby is younger, as it provides more support for both baby & mama. As the baby gets bigger, the boomerang style works just as well and is less tight to the waist, which some people prefer. I can imagine the Jolly Jumper pillow might be more comfortable for Phill to use while feeding the baby.



Stokke Steps Bouncer

stokke bouncer chair


  • allows baby to bounce independently
  • folds down flat for easy storage
  • comes with arm to hang toys from
  • comes in neutral colours
  • great reviews
  • second hand



  • high price point (if purchased new)



Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing


  • great reviews
  • classic swing style with other, additional features
  • lower price point than some competitors
  • second hand



Ubbi Diaper Pail

ubbi white pail


  • stainless steel
  • compatible with standard kitchen garbage bags
  • no need for special, expensive bags
  • sleek design, comes in several colours and patterns






  • uses hospital grade technology to monitor baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels
  • bluetooth technology that alerts you when the baby’s levels are off
  • gives parents/caregivers peace of mind
  • has multiple socks to fit the baby as they grow



  • high price point


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  1. I have no doubt the Ameda pump will do the job, but having used the Ameda and Medela I much preferred the Medela for an automatic pump! It has been much faster and better suction! Thought I’d comment to share my opinion!

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