Yesterday was my birthday and it was such a beautiful day. It started out with positive affirmations at 12:00AM on the dot. In the morning, I woke up to tons of sweet and thoughtful messages that continued to flow all day long. The content of the messages were truly touching and so rich in sentiment, it really got me thinking. I was feeling extremely reflective and peaceful, more than any other year I can remember. As I sat and thought about where this great sense of contentment had stemmed from, these three things stood out the strongest:

-our greatest creation is about to arrive earthside in a few short months

-the fulfilling, healthy relationships I have in my life, and the relationships that I have released

-truly listening to my body and being gentle with myself in this season of my life



Feeling our healthy babe kick and move around inside of me all day was the greatest gift I could have received. The rest of the day was filled with surprise flower deliveries, cards, lunch with a dear friend, and finished with dinner and a movie with my hubby and brother. I also watched part of my favourite film, The Shift. I’ll put the link below for anyone interested in checking it out. The film is about shifting your consciousness from your ego to your highest self. In the movie, Wayne Dyer plays himself, and the others are actors to portray the lessons he teaches. It is so sooo good, I highly recommend it. Absolutely brilliant, uplifting, and aha-moment-inducing!



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