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I am honoured to be a part of Lot 801‘s campaign to empower breastfeeding women everywhere to #dropthecover (if they want to), and normalize breastfeeding!

Lindsay, the owner of Lot 801, is a mother herself and created this rad Boob Blanket to encourage women to feed their babies whenever, wherever, with or without a cover.

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My personal breastfeeding journey was far from what I had envisioned. I heard the first week or two would be tough, and then things would ease. I felt frustrated when months later I was still in toe-curling pain. In my experience, weeks three and six were the toughest. I used a shield for the first 12 weeks. During every feed, I considered throwing in the towel.

With the help of one of my midwives (who is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant [IBCLC]—thanks Jill!), practice and persistence, it slowly became easier.

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Here we are, 7.5 months later, breastfeeding with no shield, no pain and no cover. I am incredibly grateful to have made it this far. However you feed your babe: by breast or by bottle, with breast milk or formula, cover or no cover—I salute you! We are all doing the best we can, one feed at a time.

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Use code JESSICASHIP for free domestic shipping (in the USA only) on your Boobs Blanket.


This post is sponsored by Lot 801. All opinions are my own.

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