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We’re about half way to meeting our baby! I seriously can’t believe it. The weeks have been flying by and I thought I’d write down a few things to remember about the first half of the pregnancy.

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Baby is about 10 inches long, the size of a banana. On Valentine’s Day, I felt the first identifiable flutters! It was surreal, and I am so excited for them to be strong enough for Phill to feel them. We had an ultrasound this week and everything looked great. Their sweet little hand was covering their face for most of the appointment. I am loving the growing bump!

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Mango! I have gone through so many bags of frozen mango it’s ridiculous. Mango smoothies on the daily. Im also really diggin’ blueberry bagels and any kind of pasta. I have had a ravenous appetite. I will eat a decent meal and feel full, and about half an hour later I’ll be hungry again. It was hard to adjust and keep up with at first. I have just accepted the fact that I need to eat like a teenage boy for a while. Pre-pregnancy, I had a bad habit of grabbing a coffee in the morning and not eating anything until around two in the afternoon (I know, terrible). Now if I go a few hours without eating I feel super nauseous. I was downtown Vancouver the other day and as usual, saw a few homeless people. When I got home, I cried to Phill about how sad I was that they probably feel so hungry all the time (holy, hormones). I really just want to give them all the mango smoothies, bagels & pasta!

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I can’t remember a time when I felt so content and happy. I finally feel much less nauseous, and a tad more energized. I am just so grateful to be here and half way through this pregnancy. YAY!


We’ve been going through everything, and then going through it again. Minimizing is the name of the game, and I can’t get enough. Last week I had a major case of nesting. I feel like I want to go through every nook and cranny, and no item in this house is safe! I have never been one to want to spend my spare time sifting through old keepsakes, clothing and nick nacks. Our closets have never looked so tidy. Phill is loving it, as he’s an organizer by nature.


I have always been a night owl, and still am. I go to bed anytime from midnight to three in the morning. If I don’t exercise or stretch that day, I will be up with restless legs. In my past pregnancies, I loved my pregnancy pillow, this time I don’t find it comfortable at all.


Whenever I can’t sleep, I watch YouTube videos of Dr. Shefali Tsabary. She is a world-renowned clinical psychologist and has written a few books on conscious parenting. I am so inpsired by her and her work really resonates with me. Her teachings are in alignment with our outlook. We all know parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, but I am looking forward to practicing conscious parenting. My priority (and responsibility) is to allow my unteathered child to be exactly who they came here to be. I wish to help guide, encourage and raise them in a way that they feel respected, nurtured and loved unconditionally. Hopefully that can assist them in navigating this beautifully crazy world with a strong sense of self.

“Our children pay a heavy price when we lack consciousness. Overindulged, over-medicated, and over-labeled, many of them are unhappy. This is because, coming from unconsciousness ourselves, we bequeath to them our own unresolved needs, unmet expectations, and frustrated dreams. Despite our best intentions, we enslave them to the emotional inheritance we received from our parents, binding them to the debilitating legacy of ancestors past. The nature of unconsciousness is such that, until it’s metabolized, it will seep through generation after generation. Only through awareness can the cycle of pain that swirls in families end.” -Dr. Shefali

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Favourite Products:

Saje Mother’s Wellness Stretch Mark Blend

Belly Jelly – I picked some up at Crocodile Baby Store in South Surrey.

Maternity tops & leggings

This jacket I’m wearing in these photos. It’s bump friendly and comes with a piece of extra material to zip in for bump space. I can tell I’m going to need it soon!

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Baby Preparation:

We’ve been researching all of the products out there and recently just ordered our stroller and car seat. I really don’t think it’s necessary to go crazy with buying everything on the market. We are lucky to have been given some second hand items from friends and family. I have been collecting baby clothes for a few years now, so there’s not a ton we need in that department. I’ll do a post with more on baby gear and prep soon.

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One thought on “half way

  1. I love this! Way to be on top of your appetite. Wish we could share a mango smoothie one of these days.

    Looking beautiful as always in the pictures 💕


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