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After living on Vancouver Island for a few years, Phill and I moved back to our hometown, Ladner, BC. We moved over on July 18th, 2014. On the same day, we got the keys to our business, a hair salon in the Ladner Village. The salon was around 20 years old and was very dated, so there was a lot of work to be done over there! We moved  all our boxes and belongings into our living room and that’s where they stayed for a solid 6 months while we poured every ounce of time and energy into our salon. Our living room was a hot mess for many months, and we didn’t get a couch until at least 8 months of living here.

It seemed as though we were moving at a snail’s pace, but I am happy to say it’s finally coming together!


For a long while, this was the extent of what we had in our living room. We knew we wanted a grey sectional, and an acrylic coffee table. Also, how can you go wrong with these Moroccan rugs, it seems like everyone has them, and for damn good reason. I was ecstatic to see a few nice pieces filling our space. If you are a freak like me and get excited over these things, we should probably be friends (if we aren’t already).


We found this table by the dumpster behind our salon from a reno the neighbouring business was doing. Well, actually, during a fire restoration that almost took out our whole strip (that was definitely an eventful week). It’s an old wire reel that doubles as a great side-table 😉

The wooden bowls are hand-turned by Dougie, my father in law. He is so talented and makes pretty much anything you can imagine wood-related. We are so lucky to be in receipt of all his wonderful projects.


We scored these beauties on Craigslist. Good old Craigslist. You know when life is sucking big time and you are in need of some retail therapy? These chairs seemed to pop up at the perfect time. Phill and I had been going through a hard time with a recent pregnancy loss (more on that later) so I needed to distract myself a bit and stop thinking about buying everything baby related every 5 minutes. I will always remember that time we drove to North Van on a rainy Monday night to get these chairs in attempt to take our my minds of what we were dealing with. Funny how physical things are tied to our memories.


Ahh, my recent favourite addition, our desk from cb2. I hummed and hawed over this for several months. The ceilings are high in our living room and I wanted something to accentuate the height and draw the eye up. Originally I wanted an over sized mirror, but turns out they are a pretty penny, and honestly hard for me to find one I was obsessed with. Tip: don’t buy anything for your house unless you are 100% obsessed with it, and absolutely have to have it! Or, as Phill likes to say, “Is it an 11/10?”.


I couldn’t believe how much this transformed our space. Sometimes that’s all it takes, one piece, or item! I have recently taken an interest in shelf and table styling. This was one of my first kicks at it, and I must say, I am impressed with how it turned out. It’s so interesting to learn about the principles of styling. I am no Jillian Harris or Emily Henderson but it’s a start.

Also, PLANTS! I had zero green thumb and was intimidated by the thought of bringing anything other than a succulent or fresh cut flowers into our home. I don’t have the best track record when it comes to keeping plants alive. So, I did some research, and learned how to be a good plant-mama. Perhaps another distraction, filling a void and wanting to nurture life into something. I was so inspired by this post that it sent me to the store to buy every plant I could fit in the buggy. It’s hard to keep plants alive when you have zero clue what you are doing. I’m happy to report that they are all still alive, and are growing like crazy! I love how the greenery adds to our space. I will write a houseplant related post later.




One of the many things I love about bringing the outdoors in is that it purifies the air. This is great for the winter months when your windows and doors are usually closed up. It is recommended to have a purifying plant near electronics to help neutralize their negative ions.


A macrame wall hanging I made in a workshop we hosted at the salon with the talented Saige and Skye.


I love this plant hanger our friend Ashley made for us. It is inside this odd little cutout in the wall. The ivy that hangs in it has grown to be about four feet long. I love how it fills in that gap in the wall. Also, it’s right beside the TV so it helps with those electronic ions! Ashley owns a company called Cold House Crochet, and she can pretty much make anything you can dream up.

There are still more things to add but this is light years ahead of the uninspiring cube of boxes it once was. I really enjoy creating a space we feel comfortable in and can retreat from the hustle and bustle of life.

Let me know if you’d like to see more home-related things in the future in the comments below.







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