tabitha + mitch

This has to be one of my favourite weddings to date. Our good friends Tabitha and Mitch tied the knot last August. The wedding was held on a gorgeous private property in East Ladner. The energy was sublime, it was truly something to be present for and witness.

I first met Tabitha around 8 years ago, when I did her nails and makeup for her high school grad. We instantly bonded over how we are both Taurean’s (born one day apart), and have been good friends ever since! What an honour to do her wedding makeup. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?!

Baby River was 5 weeks old and came along for the ride. I wore him in the wrap for some of the morning, and he was being loved-on for the rest. Lucky dude! As you can see, he was enjoying himself 😉

They had the largest wedding party we’ve ever had the pleasure of doing makeup and hair for. Special thanks to the talented makeup artists and hair stylists who joined me in glamming Tabitha and her ladies.

Makeup Artists: Jessica Screeton, Angela Madden, Emmy Windor | Hair Stylists: Mcartney Frederickson, Ashley Reynolds, Laura Sanders

Gorgeous images by Taya Photography | coordination by Luxe Events






I love that you can see Brooklyn (the flower girl, bottom right) peeking at the bride!





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