35 steps of soul evolution

This is a topic that truly fascinates me. 35 steps of soul evolution are teachings founded by Michael Newton. Michael has conducted groundbreaking research that shows how our souls evolve over time. In between lives in the physical body, the soul carries on in light form, as the soul is infinite. According to Michael, we go through 5 stages of evolution through reincarnation. The purpose for our incarnation in the physical body is to learn soul lessons to evolve to the next level of your soul’s progression. When we enter the physical body, we can learn lessons much differently, and more effectively than if we weren’t assigned to our bodies. The idea is, once you have completed Level 7 of Stage 5 (35/35 steps), your soul will no longer need to incarnate into a physical body and will remain evolved in spirit form. Interestingly, it can take several lifetimes to complete one level; many of us have lived hundreds of lifetimes! If you’d like to know what lifetime you are on, or want to delve deeper into your past lives, we can do so in an Angel Tarot Card Reading.



For more information and resources, visit http://personalityspirituality.net/articles/the-michael-teachings/reincarnation-the-35-steps/

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