Reflections from my past clients…


“The Alignment Mentorship Program provides you with an experience to reach the goals you hold closest to your heart. I would describe the program to others as a combination of spiritual practices, goal setting, life coaching and therapy–of course with an opportunity to focus on whatever is most important to you. There is no one else I would trust more as a mentor than Jessica. Definitely recommend the program, after all who doesn’t want to live a life of alignment!” 

-Zaryn L | Abbotsford, BC

“Alignment: I feel powerful & connected, not only to myself but to Source and all those around me. ⁣⁣⁣Feeling free & emotionally cleared and that I’m now living true to myself. ⁣For 6 months, I worked with Jessica Screeton and it was amazing. She has helped me become aligned with my souls purpose. She has brought so much to my life with her loyalty & continuously holding me accountable in all the choices I’ve made for myself. I am so proud of where i am today and so full love & gratitude. Not only is she continuously supportive & inspiring, the mastermind call community that she has brought together is some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. ⁣⁣⁣If you’re looking for an amazing group of people, and an even better mentor to help guide you into the direction you need in your life right now, I would definitely recommend you have a chat with her about the Alignment Mentorship Program.” 

-Abby Glover | Vancouver, BC

“I first met Jess back in high school, and knew her through the community as we grew up within the same friend circles. I remembered being so impressed by her nail tech skills that my mom and I both saw her to have our nails done, when I was probably in my mid-teens. I knew back then that not only was she mature and professional, but also that there was something special about her too. I felt comfortable with her, admiring her quiet peace and blonde hair, smiling from her eyes. When she opened her salon, I remember her advocacy for natural makeup brands, and I always returned to purchase my beauty products there. Her smile always lit up whichever room she was in. I remember watching her brand expand and grow, as she morphed into a businesswoman complete with bridal makeup, a team of hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians and even her husband Phill at reception (an angel on earth).

Eventually I became aware of her writing and was called to follow along and read what she had been posting on her blog. Her post that blew up was one that most of us know well enough by now. I remember being stricken with a feeling of loss and despair. But also underneath of that, a tenderness and a resounding hope. I told everyone I could about it. The sheer power behind her writing brought so many of us to ask questions of ourselves: how can we be allies? How do we help other women struggling with the same issues? A sense of community grew from our shared experiences. I admired her unapologetic, academic view of her experiences, informing me that even though I never desired to be a mother, my allegiance still lay with other women and our shared struggles. When I first saw her at Sacred Roots Yoga for a class, her lightness and freedom were almost blinding. There she was, a beacon of education waiting to be unfolded and shared. I enjoyed watching her grace, her warmth with everyone, and her commitment to the practice. Around this time was when the Alignment Mastermind Program launched. I saw how her branding progressed almost as if by magic. A single-ply announcement on Instagram became a noteworthy, carefully curated account for all things hopeful and good. 

By this point, the Jess I knew had become a mother, a brand, a doula, a mentor, a meditator, a helper, and so much more. I was so shocked at the transformation that I wanted to know how she had done it. I realized this was not a diet, nor a tea cleanse, or even a meditation workshop or career path that had changed her. This was an up-levelling, an alignment with her soul calling her home, and a commitment to a lifestyle change. She had become the most beautiful person, gracious with compliments, handing them out like glitter. I wanted to be more like that. I felt a heaviness and a darkness that even though had become much better visiting Sacred Roots and taking medication, needed something else to be tweaked before it would lift. I started resonating deeply with her posts, seeing how the course had changed people for the better. The club seemed like a place I needed to be, operating on the grounds of inclusivity and opportunity. I reached out to ask her about her work, and started interacting with her Instagram stories, finding myself answering the questions she posed, and reading the books she suggested. Finally one day she scheduled a time to call me and my life forever changed. 

There were no expected forced answers, and I felt heard. Somewhere between a therapist and a guru, there was this woman I had always known, invested in my answers. After a conversation with her, I immediately knew that she was the right person to trust with my journey, and looking back now, I am incredibly glad that I did. I chatted about the opportunity with my parents, and they encouraged me to follow my instinct. Throughout the sign-up process, Jess was incredibly open to answering any questions I had, and had a very low-pressure approach to getting me on-board. Once I was in, it was locked and loaded, the rest of the clients excited for me, and I was being catapulted toward my best self. The refreshing piece about the course was that there was nowhere to fail. I appreciated this, as a recent university graduate. I was looking for structure, but not seeking to be critiqued or treated as though I had no experience. The best part of all this was the undivided attention Jess bestows upon her clients. My one-on-one sessions were my favorite part of the process. Her caring nature and selflessness are so integral to the program. I felt as though I was being guided, not forced, and invited to explore how I felt, instead of judged. The weekly calls helped me entrench my beliefs – hard not to do when everyone in your circle is saying a resounding YES. All of us had so many aligned experiences that they will forever be participants in my journey. Their individual gifts, hobbies, and careers were eye-opening, and I am grateful for my fellow alignment alumni.

The workload of the program was very manageable for me – in fact it gave me a purpose to plan and reflect on so many things. Carving out the time for myself to complete the work was essential to the practice. The format was so easy to follow, especially the online group and the weekly calls. I took many notes by hand, and would definitely suggest re-writing them to further understand, in an online or cloud format to have them forever. The work can be as much or as little as you make it. I found myself changing in small ways each day, getting used to new routines and found things that worked best for me and my lifestyle. The program continues to have an effect on my life, and I am constantly referring to my time spent in it. I firmly believe that it was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Whether you are looking for entrepreneurial support or personal growth, the alignment mentorship program has something for everyone. I encourage anyone who is curious to reach out to Jess, and to start a dialogue with her. She has taught me to always ask questions, constantly reflect, and to learn from my experiences. Not only am I proud to call her a great friend, but I am also happy to call her a mentor with a meaningful impact on my life. With thanks, Elysia Allos”

Elysia Allos | Delta, BC

“Jess is one of those types of human beings that you feel so fortunate to have even come into contact with. I have known Jess for a few years and recently reconnected with her when I saw her post about the Alignment program she was offering. I just couldn’t believe that with the words she posted, it seemed as though she was speaking directly to my soul and she knew exactly what I was struggling with. Over the course of 3 months that we were working together on my Alignment, I had more mental clarity and learnt to re-program my subconscious mind in a way I didn’t even know was possible. I now have the knowledge and skill to keep myself on track and that feels INCREDIBLE. I would highly recommend Jessica Screeton to anyone who wants to discover and implement strategies to get closer to Alignment with who they truly are meant to be. She is amazing — gentle, welcoming, brave and intuitive. <3″

-Kristen T | Kelowna, BC

“The journey of coming into alignment has been one of the greatest experiences that has led me to the feeling of true happiness, fulfillment and purpose. I find myself feeling less stressed, having more energy, feeling lighter and am even weighing lighter! Overall, I feel more confident and clear in who I am and what my purpose is. I think alignment is one of those things you may not realize you are missing. After having my son, I had this lingering feeling that I wasn’t fulfilling my full purpose. Something was missing despite loving many aspects of my life. I began to make some changes and started finding my spiritual self. I truly believe my soul was trying to align but I didn’t fully understand nor did I know what that meant at the time. After a conversation with Jessica at the beach one afternoon (many conversations with Jessica but this day in particular stands out for me), something clicked. I booked an Intuitive Session with her and my journey of true alignment began. The Intuitive Session confirmed my feelings of disconnect and compartmentalization and inspired me to want to really focus on my purpose. Over the next few months, Jessica guided my alignment process. As I tuned into my true self, I learned more about myself than I have ever known. I sought to open my own business, which I felt drawn to for sometime. Jessica listened, supported and brought my vision to life from the day at the beach, to the day I launched my business and beyond. It was (is) a huge, exciting and scary experience but with Jessica’s guidance, it felt easy, simple and just made sense. Her ongoing support helped me immensely and encouraged me to keep going at times when fear and doubt crept in. Alignment for me focused on my career, my relationships and the way I saw myself. Whether it be small changes, big changes, physical changes, mental changes and everything in between—I believe the alignment process looks different for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, not everyday is all sunshine and rainbows, but I find that being aligned has also allowed me to deal with those tougher moments or days in a better, calmer manner! “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Albert Einstein” 

-Megan Hughes | Vancouver, BC


“I am not sure I can adequately put into words the depth of appreciation I have for this amazing woman. Not only was she the most incredible emotional and physical support to me throughout my pregnancy and birth as my doula, but also as the most beautiful mentor during this huge time of transition in my life. She instinctively knew exactly what I needed in every moment throughout Saige’s birth–documenting the small moments, ensuring I stayed hydrated, putting on my favourite music, meditating with me, lighting candles, performing acupressure and holding space while I rode the waves of each contraction. Thank you, Jess for helping make my home birth dreams a reality. So much love for you and the work that you do.”

-Jacyln K | Tsawwassen, BC

As a first time dad and not many babies in my family I didn’t know what to expect during child birth (let alone know what a doula was!). After having our first child we both agree we will ask Jess to be our doula again if we are lucky enough to have more kids. Jess is wonderful and caring and throughout the whole process she helped us feel relaxed knowing we could ask her our questions at any time. She has a beautiful aura about her too, that immediately put us at ease. Jess was my first call after my wife went into labour. She came to the house hours before we called the midwife or went to the hospital, and I’m certain that if we hadn’t had her with us I would have just rushed my wife to the hospital (not the ideal thing to do, fellas!). For 24 hours she was our cheerleader, motivator, and emotional support. She set the mood for the room which helped us all stay mellow and chill throughout labour, which was especially important since we had chosen a hospital birth. And her support was constant. The nurses came and went but Jess stayed with us the entire time, which we loved. A doula is there for both parents but really, I feel like she was there to support the husband. With her suggestions throughout and tagging off during contractions, she helped me be present, useful (I think!) and involved during labour.  Without Jess I would have been a bit lost but she supplied the knowledge and support to make a first time dad useful and not in the way. After the birth, Jess came by the house a couple of times to make sure we were doing well and adjusting. Even little things, like bringing smoothie packs and cookies were such a sweet touch and totally welcomed by two sleep deprived new parents. I can’t recommend Jess enough. If you are going to hire a doula (and you really should!) she’s the one you want. Thank you Jess, you’re forever a fantastic part of Oscar’s story.”

-Jeff Kuzik | Richmond, BC

“Jessica is an angel on earth! I had such a wonderful hypnobirthing experience and I can say hands down that it was because of her. She literally messaged my back and poured water over me in the tub for 20 hours straight and made sure I stayed hydrated, fed, focused, calm and as comfortable as possible. She was there through it all with me even when the conventional health care system and my midwife were not. She was also there for me before and after my daughter’s birth to answer all my first time mom questions and being a recent new mom herself it felt like talking to a trusted friend. Getting a doula is the best money I have ever spent. I would recommend Jessica over and over again. I am so grateful I get to talk about my birthing experience as an extremely positive event. Thanks to Jessica, hypnobirthing and a lot of homeopathic’s my daughter’s first moments on this earth were calm and magical!”

-Kelly P | Delta, BC

Jessica is one of the most kind caring people I know. I found her through Google when I was 6 months pregnant and deciding to have a homebirth due to Covid. She was understanding and a wealth of information. Jess always supported our choices and kept us informed on what our choices entailed. Our home birth was amazing. My husband and I know that it is because of Jessica that it went so well. She created the right atmosphere for us to have the birth we envisioned. If you are looking for a doula I highly urge you to go with Jess!

-Courtney McIver | Ladner, BC

“I really don’t think there are words that can describe my gratitude and appreciation for this amazing woman. For her support, guidance, love and kindness during these last 11 months of my life. I knew I wanted to have a birth doula but it was truly fate that allowed me to find Jessica. From day one, she instinctively knew how to be the most amazing support for both Lee and I. From texts and calls when I needed emotional support, to home visits for acupressure and chats over tea to prepare me for childbirth… Jessica always seemed to know EXACTLY what I needed to make the whole process a bit easier. Her intuition is on a whole other level! She was by my side throughout my entire labour and delivery, guiding me through the wave of each contraction and constantly reminding me that I was strong enough to get through each one (laboured at home to 9cm!). Her support continued through my postpartum recovery. From bringing me Starbucks and peanut butter toast in the hospital, to visiting us at home to talk through all my first-time mom worries and concerns… Jess, you truly are amazing and I’m forever grateful for you and all that you did to help bring Jayden into this world!

-Christina T | North Delta, BC

“My husband and I knew instantly after meeting Jess that she was the doula we wanted for our first birth. Her knowledge and resources were on point and her demeanor was exactly what we wanted throughout the process. She was warm and kind, listened to our needs and provided input all while never being obtrusive. She was readily available and very supportive. We can’t thank her enough for everything she did. We would highly recommend her service.”

Tara T | Vancouver, BC

“Once I met Jessica, I automatically knew we had a great connection…she is not only a beautiful human on the outside, her spirit exerts positivity on the inside and that’s what drew me in. Through our journey Jessica provided continuous emotional and physical support. She gave us valid and thought provoking information, helping us find resources to research the birth choices in front of us. Jessica made us feel comfortable and she was accommodating in every way. Her knowledge and natural way of being made us relax and trust the process. Jessica opened her heart to us with passion, excitement and acceptance and we could not have asked for a better partner in crime. Thank you Jessica for your commitment, love and tuning-in to what was most needed in the birth of our son. Best A/M/N”

-Marta L


My connection to Jess was instantaneous. First off, I was so struck and enamoured by her high energy and positivity. I knew I had found a match! Her “light” and her style were evident on the outside and it was easy to feel her kindness, compassion and warmth emanating from within! Jess expertly helped me to finally have an online presence and we worked diligently together to bring it to life in all ways! If you want to talk efficiency, honestly, my mind was often baffled by how this amazing woman could always deliver. She is multi-talented and managed to coordinate all of her tasks with great ease. Jess was always generous with her time, as well as flexible and accommodating, if changes to scheduling were ever required. Jess never shys away from supporting and promoting others, knowing and reinforcing the fact that there is more than enough to go around for everyone. You can rest in the feeling that she is proud of you and of the service you offer. She stands behind you, believes in you 100% and that is what helps to make the authentic branding come to life. The bottom line is that Jess is as excited about the fulfillment of your dream as you are. What more could you ask for? Thank you Jess, for everything! Healing with Trish was always there, you just helped to illuminate that + uncover the gem that it is. And when I think of the saying – “it takes one to know one” – this could not be more true in this case, do yourself a favour and work with Jess, she’s a rare gem who won’t disappoint.

Trish Prevost | Tsawwassen, BC

I hired Jessica to do a complete rebranding of my business – Terra Nova Midwifery. She conducted a very thorough assessment of who we are and who our clients are before developing a beautiful AND informative website. The results are stunning! We also have Jessica manage our Instagram account to create consistency in our look and our messaging. Our account following has exploded and we are constantly complemented on our beautiful IG images and the information shared with our client families. I recommend her unreservedly to anyone who will listen! If you have a business you NEED to work with Jess to get your social media and web presence aligned and generating the right kind of clientele.

Jillian Simon, Registered Midwife IBCLC | Richmond, BC

“Jessica is a dream to work with!”

Kristin MacKenzie | Delta BC


“If ever there is.. or was a doubt I assure you that Jessica is the real deal. From the Moment I met Jessica I knew she held a great Gift. I knew she was a Beacon of Light, with a message from the Divine. It was only a matter of timing before I called upon her presence to receive the messages she held for me… and in Divine timing it was So. I highly recommend Jessica to those who seek guidance for deeper understanding and clarity, for those who want to continue climbing the infinite Mountain of your Souls Destiny. Jessica is truly a Gift to ALL and a Blessing to know.” 

-Sat Mukh Sara, Healer, Yogini & Herbalist | Delta, BC

“I highly recommend Jessica as she puts beautiful, intuitive energy into her work. I had a psychic reading with her and she did an amazing job at picking up the details that needed to be addressed. She pleasantly surprised me with her ability to pick up on something that has been a mystery for many years. Thanks, Jessica!”

-Kerissa | Chilliwack, BC

“I randomly found Jessica through Instagram. Or maybe it wasn’t random and was fate, because I stumbled upon her when I was questioning some signs I was getting. She validated that it was indeed my intuition telling me someone was near. A few weeks later I had noticed orbs in several of my pictures… I turned to her for answers once again. She didn’t hesitate at all to read my pictures and immediately she felt the energy they brought. Her words sent chills through my body and a sense of comfort I can’t explain. Jessica has a true gift and one that needs to be shared. Her kindness is contagious and her energy is powerful!”

-Stevie | Mexico

“I met Jess through a friend almost 2 years ago. She did a reading for me at Park Avenue and it was a life changing moment, to say the least. That was my first and last time seeing Jess as I was moving away that weekend. In my new town, I sought out many other card readers, only to leave each appointment confused and disappointed. At that point, I had to contact Jess and see if she would do a reading for me over the phone, a request I wasn’t sure she would be able to accommodate. I was beyond grateful to find that Jess was more than happy to do it! When I hung up the phone after our first long distance reading, I was amazed to feel the same overwhelming feeling of warmth that I had experienced when I was sitting across the table from her. Readings over the phone with Jess are not only incredible and fulfilling, but they are also way better than I’ve had with any other reader in person! Jess has an undeniable charisma that lights up a room that even has the ability to shine through a phone line. I always leave our conversations feeling inspired and ready for anything. I now consistently talk with Jess and each time it gets better and better. She is always engaged in our conversations and is dead on accurate (even if you aren’t aware at the time). Jess brings more than what her cards have to say; she is remarkably insightful. Often times, I take more away from what she has to say as opposed to what the cards are saying. I’m always anticipating and excited for our next reading together. It’s a time where I can brew a pot of tea, light some candles and curl up in my pjs and become immensely inspired. I have the utmost gratitude towards this girl; she’s transformed my life for the better and opened my heart and mind to the many possibilities that the world has to offer.” 

-Jess M | Kamloops, BC

“My first reading with Jess was at home. It was a gift from my sister and I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know anything about readings and I had never met Jess. 
As soon as she walked in the door, I felt at ease and safe in her hands. Her calming energy along with her positivity, warmth, sense of humour and extensive knowledge as a light worker allowed me to feel comfortable to ask any and all of my questions; and consequently, my reading was thorough, insightful and accurate. The added bonus of having a reading with Jess is that she intuitively receives and passes along messages throughout the readings.
Since then I’ve been back to her twice and elements of all three of my readings continue to manifest even today. Regardless of what cards come up in the reading or what messages come through, I leave a reading with Jess, feeling inspired with a renewed perspective for the future.” 

-Nicola E | Vancouver, BC